Best practices

To get the most of the service, follow these steps:

Step 1. Write

  1. Write your cover letter in one day. It is important to start with something instead of polishing a text without feedback. You want to have something basic. At this point done is better than perfect.
  2. It is very important to have your initial story, because if you have it written, your perception of other stories will be very much deeper, and you'll learn more by comparing.
  3. Read thoroughly and rate at least 30 other cover letters before writing a new version ow your own story. Trust me, you'll learn from others by reading and rating. This is the second most important part of the process.

Step 2. Read and rate

  1. Now that you learned from others, spend at least a few hours to rewrite your future application.
  2. Put it aside for a day or two, edit if necessary. It might be tempting to publish it immediately, but avoid doing so. Wait, read, edit, publish. Now that you've seen others and have an initial copy to edit, and at this point, you understand the process better, it is worth investing some more time.
  3. As you publish an updated version, don't just wait till your rating comes back, invite your friends to provide you anonymous feedback (you have an option to share new cover letter via a public link). It is okay to ask for help.

Step 3. Iterate

  1. In most cases two iterations are enough to get the idea.
  2. If needed, the rate 30+ more applications. The more the better for you.
  3. Repeat at least once a month.