Craft a great intro for a product designer job

The way you introduce yourself is essential: when you message your friend to recommend you or when you are applying to a job or posting a story on your profile or site.

Feel yourself a hiring manager by filtering intros from other designers. Learn from them. Get your own score. It is useful, fun, simple and free.

Three simple steps

Introduce yourself
Learn from others
Give your feedback
Start now. It is free.

Simple UI with a compelling idea

We have just three buttons, but when at least 15 users vote for your intro, you know how other people feel about it.

Rating others will help you learn a lot on how to write better and what kind of patterns to avoid.

Getting feedback is essential. Our algorithms make sure your intro will be reviewed by other people.

Learn what works for you by action, not theory

As you rate and comment on other cover letters, you can see your writing with the eyes of a hiring manager. That's how hiring managers feel.

Designers that provided us with feedback on this service noted that deciding on other's stories is hard. Learn from this experience and write a better version of your intro.

Learn your stats

Upvotes, downvotes, probability score, views, comments. Learn from your first attempt, then create an improved version!

Become a member, get help and help others

Let's help each other to improve the way we introduce ourselves before we use it as our cover letters. Let's improve our chances of communicating the right message in the right way.

It is free.

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